July 9, 2017 Full Moon in Capricorn


Today’s full moon falls on the day of the 9th.  The vibration of 9 is about foundation. It is what we build upon.  The energies up to this full moon have been about clearing and releasing.  This full moon now invites you to solidify what you have learned. The 9 reminds us that if we want to take the next step to create and manifest, then we need to examine what energies we are building these new creations upon.

On a mental level, we need to ask what toxic thoughts need to end?

How do we shift our thoughts from what we do NOT want into what we do want?

How do we stop giving our power to our nightmares and start focusing on our dreams?

On an emotional level, we need to ask what can we be optimistic about?

What accomplishments can we be proud of?

What is crippling us emotionally in such a way that we are blocking our own potential happiness?

Spiritually, we need to banish our doubts and learn to trust.  Our doubts come from our inability to see that our experiences, the good and the bad, are exactly what we need to grow… so why are we still not trusting this?

And on a physical level, we need to ask what do we have?

How do we best utilize what we already have to work with rather then focusing on what we lack.

In Tarot the number 9 relates to The Hermit.  The Hermit remindes us this is a time to find the answers that we are seeking within ourselves and to trust the answers that we find there. It’s about taking ourselves more seriously and living up to the example that we want to be in this world. We all have our own path to walk and now is the time to trust that we know exactly what we need to be doing and then do it.

By living on our own true path, we light the way for others.  It is time for us to step up and be the best versions of ourselves and to shine as bright as we possibly can. By living up to this and being our true authentic selves, this is how we can change the world and inspire others to do the same.

Michelle Eileen

Michelle Eileen

Shiatsu Massage, Tarot, Numerology, Crystal Therapy, Meditation

Michelle has called the spiritual community of San Marcos la Laguna, Guatemala her home for the past 10 years. During this time, she has devoted herself to the study of Shiatsu Massage, Meditation, Crystal Therapies, Numerology and Tarot Wisdom.

She integrates these holistic philosophies into a unique healing practice for body, mind and spirit. Michelle is a powerful, heart-centered space holder and hopes to empower you to find your own healer within.

Michelle co-owned and operated the ‘2012’ co-op store in San Marcos la Laguna that focused on providing a place for individuals to sell their healing crystals, plant-based herbal remedies, essential oils, copal incense and artisanal crafts.

Contact Michelle for a transformative session today.

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