You do not need to understand it all. You just have to trust and realize that you hold the key to open up your ‘portal of knowledge’. You are allowed and encouraged to drink from these waters. You may chose not to because you are scared about how the human existence will merge with the divine knowledge. Said another way, you don’t know if they are compatible with each other.

The truth is that so much of what we agree to in order to live here as a human is mundane, irrelevant and mind-numbing. When we are tired of the mundane, we become seekers. The wisdom of the divine knowledge is brilliant beyond measure and can not be described by our language. You may fear being different by being your true essence of pure love.

Many are asleep in this realm, by choice. Your  job is not to awaken them, but show them how to awaken themselves. How to remember their own divinity. You can not do it for them. They have to agree to it on their own and show up interested in knowing more. The next step is to ask to be shown how to open the portal, then just be and allow.

-Guides of Wisdom, Channeled by Tamila Timm

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