By Alain Senécal and Tamila Timm, Guides of Wisdom

As you know, we are a big fan of living in the present moment. Now is all we have and we live in our happiness when we see the simple beauty in the everyday things as they occur.

But what can you do when your present moment isn’t so… well, pleasant? What do you do when you are feeling pain and emotional suffering instead of seeing happiness in the now?

Let’s say that your journey is taking you through a lesson of abandonment or loss, one which you may be feeling extreme sadness, anger or grief while walking through this learning process. You may even wish to die just to end the experience of emotional suffering. Seems pretty extreme, but tough times happen, too.

What can you do to shift the negative that has taken hold of your psyche in a bad way?

One helpful option is to shift the mental experience back to one that is pleasant, despite circumstances happening around you. Easier said than done, right? Well, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain, so let’s give it a try. When you can be mindful and shift your mental state back to a positive one, it eases the pain of suffering, allowing inner peace to fill your present moment again.

Think back to some memorable time in your life. A moment when you felt happy, maybe the last time you felt happy is easier to remember. It may take a minute to find one, but look for those encrypted moments. The moments that I call ‘bookmarks’ in your Book of Life. Those times that you imprinted something wonderful into your mental, emotional and sensorial feelings chapter of your book. Bringing them back into the present moment may be the medicine that you need to lift your spirits.

How do we do that, you ask

You may wish to lay down for this.

Start by taking a deep breath. Hold it for a moment. Release the breath slowly and easily through the mouth. Next, allow yourself to enter into a calm or meditative state. Fully relax your body, releasing tension in all of the muscles. Slow down your thinking and search for your bookmarks. Those moments that left an impression on your soul or tickled your senses. With focus and directed mindfulness, you can bring yourself back into the exact moment and relive the full sensorial experience that brought you joy or peace.

Dive into your happy place and into those moments that left a mark on your heart, soul and impressed upon your mind.

Allow yourself to be back in the Sahara Desert. Feel the warm sun on your shoulders, riding the camel across the sand dunes. See the shadow of the camel caravan that brings you back into the exact moment in time that you so enjoyed. Smell the Arabica coffee and hear the sound of the Bedouins speaking arabic to each other. Feel it again as if it is happening right now and replace your suffering with happiness.

Now that you are familiar with the idea of bookmarking moments, bring that into this present moment that you are living now. What happened to you today that you could chalk up as a bookmark moment?

We tend to go through our days without noticing the simple things that could bring us so much joy if we were only paying attention and fully present. Like seeing the first beautiful red tulip bloom of spring or watching the industrious blue jay build a nest in the tree outside may be just what you need to store away for a rainy day.

Now, just for fun, remember and fully experience each of your bookmarked moments that are on your favorites list. Call it your ‘Happiness Meditation Session’.

Remember the joy that you felt and let it fill you with peace. Let those happy moments carry you through the tough ones.

Make your life full of these bookmarked moments and this is true happiness.

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