Join Tamila Timm this September for the ‘Camino Guides of Wisdom’ Journey:

Almost a year ago, you journeyed the Camino Frances with me over my blog through countless photos and videos that were posted all over blog, Facebook and Instagram.

During and after my pilgrimage, I was contacted by many of my amazing friends who wanted to know how to prepare for their own soul-satisfying walking journey, as well as tricks and tips to lace up and hit the trail.

Just like that, the idea was born. I like to empower and motivate people, this is for certain. I also have a fascination with the beauty & culture of Spain and the spirit of the Camino de Santiago.

In a nutshell… I am inviting like-minded people who are interested in experiencing the Camino with me this coming September, but prefer to prepare and pack based upon our tried and true advice.

Before I began walking the Camino Frances (‘The Way’), my hiking partner and I logged almost 40 hours of videos between us on ‘what to pack’ and ‘what to expect’ when walking across Spain.

Every ounce that you are carrying needs to be justified, otherwise you will end up wasting your money when you donate it to lighten your load. In the end, most of the videos contained mediocre advice by people who wanted to toss something up on YouTube while they filled a backpack with way too much stuff. For example, one girl that I met packed make-up and crystals. Another man I spoke with was carrying his heavy laptop for work. There are many strategies to bring these things, but avoid carrying them personally.

My hiking partner had a penchant for researching technical equipment, especially for an outdoor experience. He was a bit obsessive about it really, and has spent at least 1,000 hours over the years (no joke) researching the best shoes, socks, dry-wick material, undergarments, packs, ponchos, walking poles, flashlights, tents, hammocks, etc. The idea is to be aware of the most recent technology and buy the best for the money.

Add another 30 hours researching technical equipment for the mixed nature of the Camino trail, varied elevations & climates and the mix of urban & woodsy trails. I can save you countless hours of doing your own research and just focus on purchasing and packing the specific list instead.

Without proper guidance, you will over-pack, over-spend and waste your money when you decided to toss the unnecessary weight out of your pack. All of this can add up to a very costly mistake that can be avoided by using the prep & pack program.

Now, take this one step further (pun intended).

I want this to be an amazing experience for you and know first hand what it is like to show up and have to ‘figure it out’. The goal is to remove the stress of the unknown so that you can just relax and enjoy your walk across this amazing country.

If you want to walk in the best time of the year, every pilgrim will recommend April, May, June or September.

I prefer September, otherwise known as ‘fresh fig season’. I invite you to prioritize yourself, clear your schedule and MEET UP with me this coming September in Pamplona, Spain.

Once in Pamplona, I will help you get settled in, properly adjust your equipment to prevent injuries and we will spend the first three days of the Camino journey together. I will get you started by helping you understand the basics about the Camino passport, hostels/alburgues, where to play & stay, the places that I recommend for you to see along the way, Pilgrim meals and of course, the famous lemon cerveza. After that, you are more than familiar with how things work on the camino and will want to just go for it.

During the first three days, you may wish to walk at a different pace of the group, and that is ok. This is your inward journey.

At the end of each day, we will rendez-vous in a pre-determined village for a welcomed rest and a well-deserved meal. We can gather together for a three-course Pilgrim’s dinner and crack open a bottle of a local Spanish wine and share insights from the day.

Basically, I am offering to help you by customizing your prep & pack, host a live meet-up video call with everyone interested in going, as well as join along side of you to ensure that you have a successful start to what will be ‘the best thing that you’ve ever done for yourself’.

It’s not free, but well worth the $100/day. The cost is $300 US per person ($350 US per household) for the expertise and time. You will save much more than that by following the comprehensive list of recommendations for appropriate equipment, clothing and footwear, injury prevention tips and how to navigate your way from Pamplona to Santiago.

How We Help You: 

  • Personally guide you for three days in September
  • Live Q&A and Meet-Up video call for the group
  • Master prep & pack equipment list
  • Customized backpack, poles, footwear & clothing advice
  • Learn what to pack and more important, what not to pack
  • Important injury prevention & foot care strategies
  • To train or not to train 
  • Best technology apps for smartphones
  • Financial considerations for Camino Frances

You will benefit from the many hours of research and actual walking experience. You will thank me in the end, just like I did for those who gave such good advice before setting off.

September is fast approaching. If you are being called to join me, please reach out and let me know by August 1st. Everyone I know seems to know someone who is interested in walking the Camino de Santiago.

Please help me to spread the good news by liking this page and sharing this message on your wall. As always, I am so grateful for your encouragement and generous support.



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