I spent this week with an amazing group of people taking a deeper dive into the 40 hour Ayurveda course offered by Atitlan Ayurveda.

Thank you Eran Dolev for your masterful teachings, Nidra yoga, dosha-based yoga and heart opening meditations.

You gave us a great deal of Ayurvedic, pranayama and yoga wisdom that we can apply to our own life for health and vitality.


Eran taught us assessment skills to identify dosha-constitutions and correct imbalances with a few adjustments to lifestyle, diet and herbs as needed.

Thank you to Wild Heart, Batya, for teaching us how to cook sattvic Ayurvedic meals and how to balance the aromatic spices according to the doshas. You are an exceptional chef.


We also enjoyed a beautiful ceremonial steam and river bath guided by the blessed, Paola Caire. Thank you Paola for creating your magic.

The week was filled with peace, mantras, love and teachings. I highly recommend you contacting Eran and taking this Ayurveda Course.


Eran also offers consultations in person or via Skype, as well as Ayurvedic massages. Get healthy and pamper yourself a bit.

You deserve it!

Thank you to the team at Mahadevi Ashram who gave so much of their time and heart to keep us fed through out the week and full of herbal teas. You and your serving hearts are very much appreciated!


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