Message from the Soul Guru, Brent Hruska:

If you have been following my blog and have listened to my podcast you’ll know I began my soul journey with Tamila in Guatemala. I eventually went home to start Soul Guru Fitness & Wellness and she stayed creating a beautiful home and space to transform lives with her extraordinary spiritual gifts. In this interview you will hear her story about how she gave up her business, sold her home, and left her husband to follow her truth and live her joy. Tamila communicates with spirit, offers hypnotherapy, and provides an assortment of transformational offerings.
Enjoy my interview at Tamila’s house in Guatemala within the spiritual vortex of Lake Atitlan. We dive deep into her life inspiring story to so called give it all up allowing her to find her bliss.

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-Brent Hruska

Message from Tamila:

This is my first ever video interview. The out take at the beginning should tell you how I feel about a video camera pointed at me, but Brent Hruska is such a good friend and he wanted to share my story on his vlog. I relented and this is what happened.

Brent and I traveled together to Guatemala two years ago and I had to stay. I literally gave up everything in my life to pursue my true passion and purpose, which is talking with spirit to help others heal here in San Marcos la Laguna, Guatemala. I love this journey that I am on and want to thank everyone who has stood beside and encouraged me along the way. I love you all.

Brent mentioned his personal experience here during one of our sessions. It can be found on Timo Way‘s podcast:

I encourage you to listen to his experience. Brent Hruska is an amazing soul, personal development coach who specializes in putting your spirit side in high gear. Need one of those? Contact him.

In case you have small ears in the room, the only F’bomb is at the very beginning of this video. After I expressed myself, I cleaned up my mouth.

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TORCH therapy with Tamila & Alain

Brent Hruska at Soul Guru

The Hermitage Guatemala for my dark room retreat experience. Please check out their facebook page link for more information.

San Marcos Atitlan Community on the shores of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Saving Lake Atitlan

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