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Silence gives you the space to take an honest look at yourself, release the old stories and learned patterns that keep you stuck and launches you into the best version of YOU imaginable.

No couch therapy or medications required, just some quiet time alone that you crave anyway. Right?

What’s stopping you? I get it. I used to wonder how I could ever manage more than 1 hour of silence, so forget about 7 days.
We never know what we are capable of until we remove those self-imposed limits and just go for it. To my surprise, I found it incredibly easy. Maybe try 2 days to start your journey within. You’ll be amazed at the insights and clarity that comes through.

A year ago, I would call anyone crazy if they said that I would actually seek out silence. Now, I crave it when I know it’s time to go deeper and be more expansive.

Who knew? I guess I’m some level I did. What we resist is usually our greatest teacher. Funny how that works. Drop any fear and just do it.

See you later, alligator… into the vortex!

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