It’s easy to just block or shut someone out, stuff the pain deep down inside or just run away to avoid it altogether. You know none of that works, but it’s done more often than the alternative.

The healthier approach is to face it head on, shine the light inside, grab your scuba gear and go on a deep, internal dive.

Ask yourself, why did I allow this in my life?

My advice: without blaming… clean your personal temple from top to bottom. Clear out and burn down the energetic warehouse you created in your pain body. Pull those energetic and karmic cords of attachment. Get out the emotional pressure washer and blast it away.

Easy or comfortable? Hell no.

As the saying goes… the easiest way to it is through it. Put yourself first. Spend time alone. Create a full-day free of distractions or conversations with others. Unplug. Stay strong, be compassionate and always love yourself. Book a Hypnotherapy or TORCH session to discover the root of the pattern.

You owe it to yourself to do the work, let go of repetitive patterns, old beliefs and narcissistic partners.

Don’t take their behaviors personally. Use the experience to improve your temple. Be thankful that they gave you something to work through.

As my Dad says, “Life happens.” Yes, it does. Learn from it.

Then, remember that the sun will rise again tomorrow, offering you a fresh start.

Tamila Timm, Guides of Wisdom

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