This month, I have been undergoing a big journey of growth and exposed to different scenarios to test my inner strength and courage. I have stood tall and accepted the challenge head on, knowing that it was for my best and highest good.

Growth is not comfortable, but don’t ever let that stop you.

One week ago, I was making adventurous plans for the coming months with someone that I love.

In a second, life as I knew it changed. Secrets were being kept, alternate plans being made behind my back. I felt something was off and repeatedly asked questions, but no straight answers were given. Always trust your instincts.

Darkness was trying to steal my joy and peace. I actually felt it coming and warned this person about impending energies moving towards us. This was not the first time, but I had hoped that it wouldn’t happen again.

My guides always find a way to have me see the truth, even if they know it will hurt my heart for awhile. I am strong and protected by the light, this I know for certain.

When you are working in the light, in service to others… dark forces are like a virus that like to f*&k with you and try to bring you to your knees.

I can see it, feel it and hear it coming. I know the signs and receive the messages clearly. I rise up, armed and protected for the battle. In my therapies, my guides remove entities from people. I have a zero tolerance policy for people who play in the darkness and harm others on purpose. This is the definition of evil.

The light always wins, know this, but darkness has a way of trying new methods. New approaches. New schemes to mess with you. I can see this energy coming from far away.

My job is to warn those that I love to use discernment and not play with that fire. I can only warn and tell others how to not be affected and detach from them and their outcome. Ultimately it is an individuals choice to regard the warning and protect themselves.

It is sad to watch someone be enchanted by the darkness, to be fooled and sucked in by it. This is their journey and I can only watch, warn and hope that they respect themselves enough to return to the brightest light of their soul.

Sending love and light.

Tamila TimmGuides of Wisdom

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