How 30 days can change your life:

I recently participated in the Moon Course at the Las Pirámides Meditation Center here in San Marcos la Laguna, Guatemala. They have been offering this course for the past 26 years and are a back bone in the San Marcos community.

I wanted to personally experience the teachings of the founder, Chaty and the many beautiful souls who teach their sacred knowledge at the Las Pirámides Meditation Center.

I cleared my schedule and dedicated this time to go deeper into my own practice of channeling spirit messages, exploring the magnificence of the astral realms and learning more about esoteric wisdom amongst a group of like-minded and amazing.

I enjoyed the teachings that are focused on the esoteric wisdom of many cultures; including yoga, meditation, the 5 elements, The Kabbalah Tree of Life, tarot, astrology, numerology, Kybalion, The Emerald Tablets and sacred geometry, to name a few.

During the moon course, an intense 5-day pranayama breath work program is offered. This optional offering is designed to shake up and MOVE the emotions that we’ve stored inside that need to be released for our best and highest good.


Las Piramides Silent Retreat Center

I had taken the 5-day course in the past with Jenika Bronson, so I used this time to complete a 12-day pranayama breathing program. To say that it is powerful and transformative is an understatement.

After the breath work course, I took an optional 5-day pranayama breath work teacher training course with Jenika, so that I can also teach this transformative practice.

The course wraps up with a 5-day silence retreat combined with a physical detox plan consisting of a smoothie, a soup, a juice and unlimited tea during those 5 days.

It is highly encouraged that you turn off, unplug and take a mental break from your electronic devices and distractions. Not paying attention to your Facebook, email, phone and casual reading books is not going to kill you. Trust me. I’m living proof.

It is so helpful to be free of those distraction and focus on what is truly important in this life… YOU.

You use the silence and detox time to go deeper inside, explore the wisdom within and integrate what you have learned. Use this time to cleanse the body and mind of crap that you need to let go of. I did and feel great.

If you take the time and go deep with focused-intention, it works wonders on your body, mind and soul.

What did I experience and learn? Like attracts like. The beautiful energy that flows freely at Las Pirámides Meditation Center allowed for even more beautiful energy to flow through me. I evolved and expanded. I was open to learning and did on many levels.

I had just ended a long-term relationship, so the timing of this course was perfect, transformative and healing. I also received MANY messages from my spirit guides during the meditations. Most were about releasing old patterns and learning to let go of what no longer serves a purpose in my life. Blessings for that gift.

In gratitude to Chaty Piramides, Pauli BosSec, Luly Boschini, Jenika Bronson, Severin Geser and the many others who helped along the way and held sacred space during the Full Moon and Anniversary Ceremonies. Blessings to you Natascha Fischer, Jane England, Daisy Shlakman, Kathy Byer, Robin Kempe, Walter and Henry Ruiz Solsol for all that you do.

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