Ever since I was a little girl, I have been told by my spirit guides that I have a ‘song’ inside of me. This had always made me laugh and wonder just how it was going to manifest itself. While it is true that I come from a family of musicians, that musical inclination was not passed down to me. I would rather be outside running around and had no interest in spending long hours practicing the piano or taking voice lessons. It just wasn’t me. I don’t know how to make rhyming words fit into a stanza, so how was I going to write a song?

I do love music and have a knack for remembering lyrics to way too many songs. I would be great at karaoke, but my singing voice is, well… difficult to listen to. To be honest, my friends would usually ask me to QUIT singing so that they could just enjoy the music. You know, the wise guy that asks, ‘who sings this song?’ and then quickly retorts upon my answer ‘why don’t you just let them do it?’ Yes, it’s that bad. My Grandfather would laugh and say, ‘if you can’t sing well, then just sing loud!’. With this wisdom, I chose to sing very loud in the car and when I am home… alone.

While I was in the retreat, in complete darkness and silence, I was finally given ‘that song’ that my guides spoke about so long ago. The one that has been hiding deep down inside of me for nearly 40 years, just waiting for the right moment to pop out. The irony is that I was in total silence when it decided to pop.


Even better is how it happened. As I was emerging slowly from a deep sleep, yet still in the twilight and dazed, some lyrics and a tune just started to flow through me. Everything was crystal clear, and I realized that this was it! I turned over quickly to wake up and start to write it down. As I placed my hands on the bed to lift up, my crystal necklace that I use as a pendulum was lying on the bed next to my pillow. Now my hand was cupped over it. ‘How did this get here?’, I thought. I am in complete darkness, so that fact that I found this at all is a testament to how special this moment is. To further make the point, I had safely secured all of my jewelry in my luggage before blowing out the candle 2 days earlier, including this necklace. I have experienced spirit move things before, so I asked ‘who did this?’ I heard my Grandmother giggling, then saw her transparent image with her hand over her mouth. Behind her was Mother Mary, who was holding a round, multifaceted diamond pendulum that was swinging side to side. Her message to me was ‘all things in their divine timing.’ They had pulled my crystal pendulum out of my zipped luggage as a reminder to that everything happens in divine timing, even if it takes 40 years to manifest. They also made sure that I understood that time is an illusion. I will save that story for another time.

You may be wondering how I was able to  write in pitch black? It can be done with focused attention, a spiral notebook and a ruler to keep you on point. I had been keeping my notebook across the room by my mediation area. I had to carefully, yet quickly find my way across a very dark room and get this down on paper before I forgot it all. While I was feeling around for my notebook, the song was immediately replaced by a very emphatic Shiva-Shakti Sanskrit mantra. It’s a simple and powerful mantra, but please… not now, I thought. I have to get this down on paper… and then, as quickly as it came… it went away. Unbelievable.

I had completely lost the tune and the words. How was that possible? The brief moments being amazed by the visit from Mother Mary and my Grandmother had changed my flow. After all this time, during the brief minute of transition from my sleep to being alert, it disappeared just like a dream does if you don’t speak about it right away. I did what only I could think to do. I just sat there, quietly trusting, with my notebook in hand and ready to write down whatever wanted to come through. I asked my guides for the song again and after a few moments, they kindly delivered it to me. As with life, just trust the flow and it will happen as it should.

This song was channeled through me from my beloved Guides of Wisdom. With blessings and love, I am sharing it with you today.

-Tamila Timm

-Maya Angelou

You have faith in the journey and faith in the light

There are unseen forces that come in the night

You have beautiful visions that help you to see

And guide all the others to the places to be


You are God light in these places

and God light in your heart

You will never be lost

for you know where to start


Be God light for the children and God light for the Old

You will never have questions and trust what your told

Be strong and be brave, stand tall and be bold

When you trust diving timing, your heart will unfold


Be the light


You know where you’re going

Though the road may seem long

Persevere my dear child

You know you are strong


Be good to yourself along the way

Be good to all others

And teach them to pray

Ask us for guidance and we will lead the way


Your mission to remember is scattered with doubt

Have faith in our message as we help you out

Be kind to yourself and open your heart

What a world we will live in if we all do our part


Let your love shine through and guide your third sight

Then you will you see that your love is so bright

You will shine like a beacon for all who are seeking

and be surrounded by all of this love in your life


-Written by Guides of Wisdom, Tamila Timm

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