I am very grateful that I was able to experience a Hypnotherapy Session with Tamila and an Astrology Tarot Session with Michelle. 

I was magical to make contact with my higher consciousness and guides and to expierence how past and my concurrent lives are influencing my current life. After these sessions I’m willing to surrender and to trust the universe to give me answers at the right moment. I’m definitely empowered to approach the upcoming months with conscious awareness and I’m in full confidence that after the spiritual work that needs to be done by myself every day I will understand my soul’s purpose in this life.

This week I started a new healing course. Because of my sessions with Tamila and Michelle I’m more aware and willing to open my heart or actually listen to my heart. I’m super curious what this will lead to. And every time I’m getting insecure, frustrated or anxious during this journey or when i’m just listening to my “ego’ instead of my heart, I will think back about the insight that I got last week.

Tamila and Michelle, thank you so much for everything. This gave me so much light and love. When I’m close to San Marcos I will definitely will visit Guides of Wisdom again.


Mother, Business Owner, Guatemala

Wow! Powerful, deep release. This is just what I was needing.

For days after my session with Tamila, I felt so light, so balanced and so joyful in my heart. I had been needing some deep and powerful cleansing, and I was thoroughly delighted with my session.

I feel a huge shift in my life, and It is much easier for me to connect to my joy and highness. Thank you Tamila for your great work. Ill definitely be back.

Diane Foote

Multiple Business Owner, U.S.A.

These light workers and truely special. Tamila offers something precious and integrative.

She continues to inspire me with her constant embodiment of her work with integrity and grace. Thank you for doing the work.


Creative Art Therapist, U.S.A.

I recently experienced the T.O.R.C.H., a three hour session with Tamila taking me through the induction process. She identified the points in my physical body that were holding emotional charged memory. Then Tamila invited in infinite wisdom to un-bundle the charged memories that arose into my awareness. Yes, I recommend the TORCH and plan to schedule another session in the near future.


Life Coach, Breathwork Facilitator. USA

I’ve been feeling really good and full of energy again! Thanks again for the session.


World Traveler, Germany

Tamila has a special energy and I had the privilege to experience their T.O.R.C.H. healing. This is an intense and cathartic healing journey that targets what needs to be released in a more direct way than I’ve experienced before. Tamila is sensitive and has a good natured energy that allows you to feel at home and comforted during the work.

After my session my partner commented that I was ‘glowing’ which is a great endorsement.


Contractor, United Kingdom

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Tamila for approximately four years. I have found her to be a very special person. Her integrity, spiritual strength, personable nature, level of empathy, amazing insights, and caring persona, collectively, place Tamila in her “own category”!  Everyone who comes to know her will soon consider themselves very fortunate.

I want to offer my unequivocal endorsement of her skills and services.  Your life will only be enriched by getting to truly “know” her. I’m delighted that she’s found her new home in Guatemala.


Retired Chief, Seattle Fire Department, USA

I recently had a tarot reading and it was awesome. She has such a fun and caring light. Her enthusiasm for helping you find your authentic self and loving guidance from spirit are so obvious. If you have any concerns about tarot, don’t! There is no weirdness, no voodoo, just support and love. 


Massage Therapist, U.S.A.

This lady rocks and is no-nonsense. She’s well-connected with guides and sees through what potentially you can’t to help you find what you seek. She’s an amazing listener and quite a gift. Go see her!!!


Energy Channel, U.S.A.

Beautiful Tamila, I am rereading your words over and over from the hypnotherapy session. Thank you for being. I am so grateful we met and you helped me feeling like I never felt before. Much love and light! 


Administration, Germany

What an amazing T.O.R.C.H. session. You two were so wonderful and I felt so cared for. I’m still amazed with some of the things that came up. The sense of freedom I have now is huge compared to before.

The freedom from unfurling my ‘wings’ and from freeing my throat, and all the other releases that happened. I am doing really well. I felt on a total high on Friday night afterwards. I was even dancing in my room! I really appreciate the beautiful work you are both doing. Thank you so much!! 


World Traveler, New Zealand

One of the best healing sessions ever! I highly recommend it.

J. K.

Film Maker, Marketing Consultant, Switzerland

It didn’t take long to discern the gifts of authenticity, honesty, a broad depth of knowledge and a huge amount of compassion during our Tree of Life Tarot reading.

The reading was difficult, but precisely what I needed in that moment. For anyone questioning the value of this deep inward dive, know that you couldn’t be in better hands.


Executive Director. St. Louis, MO USA

Michelle is a great healer with amazing energy! I love her shiatsu massages!


Massage Therapist, Guatemala

Massive loads of gratitude!!!!

Thank you. I totally appreciate the kind and encouraging words. Since TORCH‘ing, I’ve had flash realizations about the stuff we covered — largely my own capabilities and my own wholeness. Such a terrific experience. I intend to listen to the audio in the coming days.

Mike M.

World Traveler

Thank you so much for the hypnotherapy session.

Today far exceeded my expectations.

It was a beautiful experience all around.

All my love to you.

M. M.

Permaculturist, Dallas, Texas, USA