This weekend, Sunday will be an important day numerically.

Sunday is the 7th day of the week

July is the 7th month

16th: this day carries a 7 vibration (16 reduces to 1 + 6 = 7).

But what does this 7-7-7 mean?

Overall it’s a critical turning point. A time when we need to examine our long term goals and assess what is working and what is not.

With the influence of the last quarter moon still in play, this revision and cleansing energy is amplified.

On a spiritual level, we need to understand the energy that motivates us and ask ourselves if we are fighting for something we truly want and believe in.

If yes, how do we maintain the stamina necessary to see it through?

If no, how can we revise our goals and better direct our energy towards something more worthy of our highest Self?

On an emotional level, we need to understand what obsessive and addictive behaviors are inhibiting us from reaching our goals. Do these things really make us happy, especially if they are exactly the things that are holding us back?


On a mental level, we need to stop questioning our forward movement. We need to trust that what we are leaving behind no longer serves us and know that where we are going is exactly where we want to be, even if it isn’t yet clear how or when we will get there.

On a physical level, we need to stop giving attention to our failures. We need to incorporate what we have learned from these mistakes and direct our energy towards what is working. We also need to keep moving forward. Patience and perseverance are key words at this time.

The number 7 in Tarot refers to both The Tower and The Chariot.

The Tower asks us to think bigger and go beyond our limitations. This is a time to understand that the only thing holding us back is ourselves. We need to blast our ego open and break free of our self-imposed prisons. Though this process of release can be uncomfortable, it is absolutely the storm we need to cleanse away all that does not serve our bigger vision.

The Chariot shows us that by keeping our energy directed towards our goals, and not allowing failures to distract us, we can achieve anything.  We can not let the bumps and detours that we face on our way to our goals discourage us.  We need to see these things as lessons that are helping us weed out what does not work. Sometimes we fall down on our path and its tempting to lose ourselves in self pity. Our choice is always to either sit and wallow in our suffering, or dust ourselves off and get back up again. This is a time to go, go, go and trust success is just around the corner if we don’t let anything (including our own self) slow us down.

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