Guides of Wisdom is a collective of mindful healing practitioners. We offer unique ways for you to connect with your highest self and spirit helpers, empowering you to grow further, while remembering your Truth and purpose on this earth.

Perhaps knowing about your role in another lifetime would help you to gain clarity about a deep-seated pattern that you would like to break in this lifetime. Maybe you want to connect to your guides for clarity or even talk to your favorite Grandma one more time.

Hover over the drop down list for the WHAT WE DO tab to learn more about each of the following offerings and how we can assist you on your unique journey of learning, remembering, healing and growing.

Licensed Hypnotherapy, Specializing in Alternate Lives & Realms
Mindful Healing and Spirit Communication
T.O.R.C.H. Session
Akasha Record Channeling
Spirit Mediumship
Medical Intuitive Sessions
Astrological Tarot
Tree of Life Tarot
Transformational Tarot
Kriya Breathwork
Mayan Astrology and Wisdom
Sacred Sound Meditation


Disclosure: Our sessions are intended as a complimentary therapy to promote empowerment and feelings of well-being in mind, body and spirit to promote healing. They are not intended to be a replacement for appropriate medical care. You affirm that your chosen session is appropriate for you and does not conflict with existing medical or mental health treatments.