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By Alain Senécal and Tamila Timm, Guides of Wisdom As you know, we are a big fan of living in the present moment. Now is all we have and we live in our happiness when we see the simple beauty in the everyday things as they occur. But what can you do when your present...

Into the Vortex

See the Facebook Live Video for this post: Silence gives you the space to take an honest look at yourself, release the old stories and learned patterns that keep you stuck and launches you into the best version of YOU imaginable. No couch therapy or...

Observing Love

Observing Love   I am a soul who knows so much about you For many lifetimes, we have made wild love underneath the stars   In this lifetime, I observe you Let you be Let you do your journey As best that you know how While I quietly observe you...

What’s my Dosha?

I spent this week with an amazing group of people taking a deeper dive into the 40 hour Ayurveda course offered by Atitlan Ayurveda. Thank you Eran Dolev for your masterful teachings, Nidra yoga, dosha-based yoga and heart opening meditations. You gave us a great deal...

Las Piramides Meditation Center Moon Course

How 30 days can change your life: I recently participated in the Moon Course at the Las Pirámides Meditation Center here in San Marcos la Laguna, Guatemala. They have been offering this course for the past 26 years and are a back bone in the San Marcos community. I...

The Energy of 777 on Sunday, July 16th

This weekend, Sunday will be an important day numerically. Sunday is the 7th day of the week July is the 7th month 16th: this day carries a 7 vibration (16 reduces to 1 + 6 = 7). But what does this 7-7-7 mean? Overall it's a critical turning point. A time when we need...

Astrological Tarot: Full Moon in Capricorn, July 9, 2017

July 9, 2017 Full Moon in Capricorn   Today's full moon falls on the day of the 9th.  The vibration of 9 is about foundation. It is what we build upon.  The energies up to this full moon have been about clearing and releasing.  This full moon now invites you to...

Being Lied To

This month, I have been undergoing a big journey of growth and exposed to different scenarios to test my inner strength and courage. I have stood tall and accepted the challenge head on, knowing that it was for my best and highest good. Growth is not comfortable, but...

Letting Go vs Escapism

It's easy to just block or shut someone out, stuff the pain deep down inside or just run away to avoid it altogether. You know none of that works, but it's done more often than the alternative. The healthier approach is to face it head on, shine the light inside, grab...

Camino Guides of Wisdom, The 2017 Journey

Join Tamila Timm this September for the ‘Camino Guides of Wisdom’ Journey: Almost a year ago, you journeyed the Camino Frances with me over my blog through countless photos and videos that were posted all over blog, Facebook and Instagram. During and after my...

A medium is simply a person who communicates directly with non-physical spirit energy, lends their voice to be used by the spirit energy and gives you important messages of love, healing and to remind us all just to lighten up.


Spirit Medium, Channeler, Guides of Wisdom

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Hypnotherapy- Between Lives Session                                             

During this 1.5 to 2 hour hypnotherapy session, Tamila will converse directly with your higher consciousness, guides and wise teachers to understand your soul’s purpose & focus, patterns and energies that you agreed to work with in this life. Understand the connections & heal any energetic ties for your best and highest good.

Spirit Mediumship Session       

Experience a 1 hour session with your loved ones and spirit guides who wish to communicate directly with you. Tamila channels messages only from spirit beings that are filled with light and are there to serve your highest good.

Tree of Life Tarot

Seek in depth awareness through the ancient wisdom of the Kabbalah with a 60 minute Tree of Life tarot reading. The powerful energy of this comprehensive, 10 card spread provides a unique way to see beyond the veil and learn about your spiritual lessons and gifts.

Michelle has extensively studied many comprehensive styles of tarot and their intuitive perspection adds another dimension to your personalized reading. The wisdom of the Tree of Life tarot is a transformative and enlightening experience.

TORCH Session

Aligned with your guides, Tamila offers a uniquely transformative experience, combining guided meditation, hypnotherapy, energy clearing & balancing, acupressure point stimulation and healing sounds. The most effective way to transform is through awareness & release of what we have been holding on to for years, or even lifetimes.

During this 2.5-3 hour TORCH session, you will TRANSFORM through OBSERVATION, RELEASE, CLEARING & HEALING (T.O.R.C.H) whatever has been preventing you from being your highest & best self.

Michelle Eileen

Michelle Eileen

Astrological Tarot, Numerology Tarot, Tree of Life Tarot, Crystal Therapy, Meditation, Shiatsu Massage,

Michelle has called the spiritual community of San Marcos la Laguna, Guatemala her home for the past 14 years. During this time, she has devoted herself to the study of Shiatsu Massage, Meditation, Crystal Therapies and Tarot Wisdom.

She integrates these holistic philosophies into a unique healing practice for body, mind and spirit. Michelle is a powerful, heart-centered space holder and hopes to empower you to find your own healer within.

Michelle co-owned and operated the ‘2012’ co-op store in San Marcos la Laguna that focused on providing a place for individuals to sell their healing crystals, plant-based herbal remedies, essential oils, copal incense and artisanal crafts.

Tamila Timm

Tamila Timm

Founder, Spirit Medium, Hypnotherapist for Other Lives & Realms, Neuro-Lymphatic Massage

Tamila is a Licensed Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Channel & Medium, Reiki II Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Registered Nurse, Camino de Santiago Pilgrim and FUN-worshipper. Tamila’s hypnotherapy sessions are unique because she works with you and your spirit helpers to release what is no longer serving you. Her in-depth training focuses on the soul agreements made between incarnations, past lives, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), clinical, analytical and solution-focused hypnotherapy sessions.

Since the age of 4, her passion and purpose has been communicating with spirit for the highest good of self and others. She agreed to be a physical voice for spirit energy and loves to help people integrate their new found spiritual insight into everyday life. Follow me on Instagram.

Tamila has a special energy and I had the privilege to experience their T.O.R.C.H. healing. This is an intense and cathartic healing journey that targets what needs to be released in a more direct way than I’ve experienced before. Tamila is sensitive and has a good natured energy that allows you to feel at home and comforted during the work.

After my session my partner commented that I was ‘glowing’ which is a great endorsement.


Contractor, United Kingdom

What an amazing TORCH session. You two were so wonderful and I felt so cared for. I’m still amazed with some of the things that came up. The sense of freedom I have now is huge compared to before. The freedom from unfurling my ‘wings’ and from freeing my throat, and all the other releases that happened. I am doing really well. I felt on a total high on Friday night afterwards. I was even dancing in my room! 

I really appreciate the beautiful work you are both doing. Thank you so much!! 


World Traveler, New Zealand

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